Lancaster Castle

Posted 28 May 2020

Lancaster Castle is a medieval landmark, believed to date back to the 11th century. A captivating historic building, now enhanced through striking external lighting, which truly adds character to the space.

We worked with lighting designer Lumineer Studio and consultant Lawrence Hayes to supply a blend of floodlights, strip luminaires and ingrounds. From focussed light, using our AURA with tight beam - to illuminate the clocktower to more subtle accent lighting, highlighting the architectural features.

All supplied in RAL 7024 to integrate and not distract from the castle.

Contractor: Performance Electrical Ltd
Photography: Nick Dagger Photography

Products: Aura 5, Aura 6, Aura 7, Luka 8, Continuity TJ, Strip Module IP66, Stripline AG

Lancaster castle lit by Tryka



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